increase reliability and productivity in your business.

With our network design, backup solution, and support, you can concentrate on what matters..
Cloud X Network
Intelligent Design for Your Operations
The corporate world seemingly moves faster day after day, and you need a business network that can keep up! From the health care industry to plumbers and electricians, cloud x network can design and install a network that streamlines business processes and maximizes business productivity. We work with small and medium business networks as well as larger enterprise networks.
Organizations of all sizes depend on IT infrastructure to support their computing needs, so a reliable network that ensures connectivity and availability is crucial. With our network design services , your network resources will always be available. We have designed and built and supported a vast number of ndata networks from simple, to extremely complicated. Our network designs take into account when, where and how your organization uses information in order to create a network that will support your users’ computing needs.
Backup Solutions

Encryption, compression in transit & at rest

Ensure business resiliency by protecting your data and ensuring it is available when you need it. Quickly recover and restore your data in the event of a disruption or a disaster.

Our solution is flexible and purpose-built to meet your stringent security and compliance requirements—and on-demand availability is guaranteed.

We maintain off-site backup storage, backup encryption and fast data restoration with flexible cloud-based database backup solutions. Our experts will help you to choose and implement a backup solution that outfits your unique data retention and compliance requirements.
let's meet and discuss your needs and
plans ad how we together meet these goals.
  • Onsite And offsite backups
  • onsite backups for quick file resrtoration
  • tailored retention policies
  • security audits of stored data
Backup Solution

Encryption & compression in transit & at rest

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Network Design

Design, implementation, testing, & support

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Network Design

Design, iMPLEMENTATION, testing, & support

Network Design is a core component of all technology – if it doesn’t work, nothing else will. Networks vary in complexity and usability, and it’s essential that yours is dependable and does what it needs. And to build a reliable system, you need a trustworthy technology partner.

One of the most complex pieces of ongoing computing is the ever-changing landscape of network design and implementation. What started as a simplistic way of allowing computers to share information has evolved into highly complex systems capable of prioritizing network traffic.
let's meet and discuss your needs and
plans how and how to achive them.
  • Discuss Use case
  • future plans for growth
  • Security and Regulations
  • Software being used
  • Hardware vs virtualzation
Website hosting

we host on our own servers

we own and operate the servers that we host websites with. we are not leasing servers forom a larger hosting company. this give full access to the server and allow us to tailor a hosting solution to your needs.

A website is essential to build and grow a business today, and web hosting is a crucial part of building a quality website. With so many different providers and plans on the market, choosing a web host can be daunting.

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